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Art Quilt Galleries

Priscilla Bianchi invites you on a tour of her Galleries. Her Special Exhibit, Hanging by a Thread was featured at the International Quilt Market and Festival in 2003 and will tour selected venues around the world this year. Each of the five "Series" Galleries contains a succession of quilts which reflect a specific stage in her brief, but prolific and illustrious, quilting career.

Priscilla's work has been exhibited internationally, at solo and collective art shows where the public's acceptance and reviews have been overwhelming! Her work has been acquired by the American Craft Museum in New York City and by many private collectors. Every quilt displayed in each "Series" Gallery is an original, one-of-a-kind art piece, hand-crafted by Priscilla.

Those art quilts still available for purchase by collectors are designated, with the purchase price, in the detailed description of each quilt. Art quilts can be purchased through Email correspondence with Priscilla. Please visit our Ordering Information page for details.

Thank you for taking the time to browse Priscilla's Galleries.
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 Series V      Year 2003

International Quilt Spring Festival, Chicago, IL , March 2004

Priscilla showcases what’s being done in art quilting in Latin America and shares the inter-cultural and ethnic qualities of her work with international audiences. Her latest work is inspired by specific Mayan textiles —she’ll focus on a “huipil” (blouse), a “faja” (belt), a “corte” (skirt)—to create her one-of-a-kind contemporary pieces. This series of art quilts has been a raving success! It’s exhibited internationally and published extensively.
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"Hanging by a Thread"

This exhibit is organized into pairs: a contemporary art quilt beside the traditional Mayan textile or costume that was the source of inspiration for that particular design.
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More Exhibit background information
"Lightning by Day", 1999

Priscilla's exhibit at the National Museum of Modern Art,
Guatemala City, May 2002

Series IV      Year 2002

Using her native fabric has gradually changed her style towards something more of her own, strengthening the direct influence of her roots and the cultural context that she lives in. Her style has become more liberated! When people see her art quilts, they will see a colorful, bright Guatemala reflected under a positive, new light. Click on the photo to enter Gallery.

Series III
     Year 2001

When Priscilla started quilting five years ago, she was aware that she was "importing" a completely foreign tradition into Guatemala. So, imprinting not only her individual personality and style, but her Guatemalan identity became of the utmost importance. She wanted to pay homage to her heritage, culture, Mayan influence, and to traditional quilting.
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La Conner Quilt Museum, La Conner, WA,  2001

Panoramic view of her Exhibit at CASA M.I.M.A.,
   Guatemala City, Nov - Dec 2000

Series II     Year 2000
"Art Quilts From Guatemalan

Priscilla's Series II, an ongoing process of design highlighting ethnic fabrics, continued into 2000. The simple patterns displayed in this group of quilts lend themselves beautifully to the rich, colorful, rustic texture of her native Guatemalan hand-woven textiles. Priscilla continues to be challenged by the wide array of possibilities that the striped and Ikat nature of these textiles offer. Click on the photo to enter Gallery.

Series II     Year 1999

"Art Quilts From Guatemalan Folklore"

After having mastered technique and achieving excellence in workmanship, Priscilla channeled all her creative energy into design. This second group of art quilts reflects her experimentation with the richness of Guatemalan textiles, colors, patterns, and symbolism to flavor these quilts with magic, mystical Mayan culture. Click on the photo to enter this Gallery.

Black Coffee", 52" X 67"

Panoramic view of Priscilla's first One Woman Show,
   IXCHEL MUSEUM of Indigenous Textiles and Costumes,
   Guatemala City, 1999

Series I      Year 1998
"Form & Color Dancing on Fabric"

Priscilla's first series of art quilts consists of 17 pieces created between October 1997 and February, 1999. During this time she focused on learning an array of different techniques. Even at this early stage in her career, and although she found it necessary to stay close to tradition in order to learn, her free spirit and distinctive style can be seen emerging. Click on the photo to enter this Gallery.

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